Occupational Medicine

In our current climate, Australians are working harder than ever. Maintaining a healthy balanced life along with work commitments can be difficult at times. Occupational medicine primarily looks at the cause and effect of workplace and environment, with a view that your health is not impacted by your workplace environment, or your workplace environment does not impact your health. With this approach, our goal is to promptly prevent workplace issues from recurring for our patients.

The causes for deterioration in mental or physical capacity can sometimes be straightforward, however your doctor at Infinity Health Green Square can assist in assessing the relationship between your health concerns and your workplace. Our doctors are highly trained in diagnosing and managing common physical and mental workplace injuries, diseases, or issues ensuring your confidence through a focus on improved wellbeing in and outside of your workplace.

At your consultation, your doctor will assist you with strategies, resources and treatment options to support you in the management of your mental and physical health, as well as undertake relevant communication with your workplace to facilitate a comprehensive and individually designed return to work plan. During this process, your doctor and healthcare team will work closely with you to find the best solution that is tailored to your lifestyle and work. This could involve a number of options and procedures, such as medication, rehabilitation, education and mental health services.

You may require a longer consultation to undertake a thorough assessment, or complete necessary documents. For more information regarding an occupational medicine appointment, please contact our reception staff on 02 8252 6599.