Children’s Clinic in Zetland

At Infinity Health Medical Centre, we love kids; and just like you, we want to ensure that our paediatric and adolescent patients have the best chance of leading a healthy and fulfilled life.

Our doctors believe that better understanding leads to better health, that’s why our healthcare team provides education to parents with children of all ages – from newborns to teens so they better understand their child’s health. Parents in Surry Hills, Zetland and the surrounding area know they can rely on Infinity Health Medical Centre when they require a children’s clinic for their kids.

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There are some conditions that affect children as well as other physical and mental conditions that children are at higher risk of developing. For example, our kids are at a greater risk of:

Developing asthma in childhood, and can be prone to anxiety – particularly when they are at school.

Healthy children become healthy adults, so it’s important to ensure we provide structured and supportive assistance to children that addresses their emotional, mental, social and physical development.

We believe that maximising a child’s wellbeing, through a multi-disciplinary holistic approach helps to ensure the best gift we can give – a healthy, fulfilled future. Knowing a trusted children’s clinic is nearby can be very helpful for you and your child.

One of the best tools we have available in supporting good health in children is the use of milestone monitoring. From newborns to adolescents, our doctors are experts at understanding your child’s developmental journey. When your child is 6 weeks old, our doctors will conduct your baby’s first check up to examine them for health-related issues, including biological vulnerabilities. They will also talk to you about ongoing steps to ensure you are up to date with keeping on track with your child’s good health.

From your child’s age of 4, our doctors will undertake a Healthy Kids Check which is designed to identify health issues that your child may have developed or is at risk of, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle for their growing bodies and minds along the way

Your child’s journey for mental, social and physical well-being carries through to their late teen years and our doctors are just part of the equation.

We understand as you do, that it’s equally important for parents to be supported through their journey with their children as they grow, so we provide our parents with ongoing communication and education to help you help your kids.

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Located just a few minutes’ drive away from Zetland, we are open 8am – 6pm on weekdays. Call us today at (02) 8252 6599 to book an appointment for your child today.