Preventative Medicine

Preventative medicine is the best approach when we look at promoting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and overall wellbeing. Preventative medicines and assessments can facilitate disease prevention and disability. It is also a cost-effective approach to your health and preventing long-term issues that may impact your ability to work, or perform your usual daily activities.

When preventative services and treatments are accessed, it assists in reducing our chances of illness and disease, and in turn, assists us to perform in our day-to-day lives. Not only is preventative healthcare important on a personal level but can have significant impact on the wider community. It is our goal to assess the health needs and educate all of those within our community.

When you visit us, we will look at the scope of preventative health approaches. We look at areas such as blood pressure, blood checks, alcohol consumption and smoking, diet and lifestyle factors, weight and overall mental health. Learning from us regarding these areas can help to facilitate a realistic and goal-oriented plan for prevention of disease, and a journey to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Our doctors are trained in advising on a number of different preventative approaches to help improve the health of our patients, whether it be administrating appropriate vaccinations, performing cancer screenings, or encouraging a more active lifestyle to reduce chances of obesity.

Common examples of preventative healthcare approaches:

  • Cancer screenings (breast, skin, bowel, cervical etc.)
  • Vaccines and immunisations
  • Health promotion (diet, nutrition, physical activity etc.)
  • Smoking and alcohol reduction

We provide a variety of health assessments to tailor to your needs. Please speak with our reception staff today by calling 02 8252 6599 or booking online to make your appointment with Infinity Health Green Square.