Men’s Health

Although we share many common health conditions throughout genders and ages, there are certain conditions that are related to men’s health and other diseases and conditions that are more prevalent in males.

Unfortunately, statistical data tells us that working aged males have been found to be less likely to seek medical treatment than women. The reasons for this have not been fully established but it is believed that environmental and time-poor factors are two of the major impacts.


  • To ensure good health is maintained, it is important that men are aware of the different impacts that can affect them and seek comprehensive healthcare at various stages of their lives.
  • There are some particular conditions that should be noted in relation to men’s health. Whilst there are cancers that are specific to males, such as prostate cancer; there are other benign conditions that affect males such as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) that is not life threatening but has great impacts on function and lifestyle. Your Infinity Health GP will be able to assist you in the management and treatment of these and other conditions associated with the male reproductive system.
  • Data also shows us that males are at higher risk than women of suicide as well as the development of coronary heart disease, and some cancers.
  • There are a variety of factors that may impact and make us vulnerable to particular health issues that affect males. These can include our age, social history, family history, previous disease diagnoses and past history, genetic factors and lifestyle factors such as exercise, food choices and alcohol consumption.
One of the best options for your good health is to take a pro-active preventative approach. Your doctor at Infinity Health Green Square can provide you with a trusted and programmed approach to good health measures and provide diagnostic and treatment options, including:

  • annual health assessment to ensure you are on track
  • mental health assessment and mental health management plans
  • chronic disease management
  • prostate cancer detection and management
  • sexual health advice and management

Contact our reception staff to make an appointment with your GP to discuss your health and wellbeing.