Family Planning

Sexual health and family planning are important in helping women, men and adolescents understand their body’s when it comes to reproductive and sexual health. Our aim at Infinity Health Medical Centre is to ensure all patients have access to quality sexual health and family planning services through our new facilities and supportive GPs.

At Infinity Health Green Square, we are committed to providing you with education and resources to give you a greater understanding of contraception options, sexually transmitted diseases, sexual function and dysfunction, pregnancy, cervical screening, menstruation, gynaecological issues and menopause management.

Family planning and your sexual health is a diverse and sometimes overwhelming topic. Our supportive team will work closely with you to help guide you to make informed decisions that are right for you based on your lifestyle, beliefs and needs, whilst respecting your rights and choices.

Your doctor can also facilitate a plan for antenatal and postnatal health to support both your physical and emotional wellbeing, along with the health of your new baby.

Our practice ensures the most up-to-date treatment options available to improve the health of  our male and female patients, no matter their background, age or condition.

Discuss your options by calling 02 8252 6599 or booking an appointment online with Infinity Health Green Square today.