Sonowave Imaging

About Us

At Infinity Health Medical Centre Green Square, we are now introducing our new Ultrasound Servicing provider – Sonowave Imaging.

Sonowave Imaging, launched in August 2023, specialise in providing advanced portable ultrasound services to Infinity Health Medical Centre Green Square’s patients and outpatients. They offer flexible, modern solutions and excellence to ensure accurate and patient-centric diagnostics, ultimately enhancing high quality healthcare delivery and value to all patients, health care and aged care providers.

Our Diagnostic Ultrasound Services

Our areas of speciality includes:

    • General
    • Musculoskeletal
    • Pregnancy (Obstetric)
    • Vascular
    • Small Parts
    • Paediatric

Opening Hours

At Infinity Health Medical Centre Green Sqaure, Sonowave Imaging will be available every Friday Afternoons.  Please call our reception team on 02 8252 6599 for more information. 

Don’t Hesitate to reach out today to explore the various ultrasound services we provide. Call Now!