Pathology Services

Having blood and pathology testing is important for detection and diagnosis of diseases. These methods of testing are helpful to detect whether certain levels are normal or at risk of future disease. There are a variety of tests that can be performed, including testing for cholesterol, diabetes, iron deficiency, vitamin D deficiency, liver function, testosterone deficiency, cancers, prostate function, kidney function, bacterial infection and immunity.  Pathology testing can also assist in determining effectiveness of medication treatments you are currently undertaking.

At Infinity Health Green Square, we are dedicated to providing our patients with a variety of services under the same roof. We have partnered up with 4Cyte Pathology to provide patients with onsite pathology services in-house.

Performing pathology tests on patients can not only provide patients with a faster diagnosis and treatment plan, but can also help people stay healthier for longer. This can also reflect positive impacts on the surrounding community, fostering a healthy future by reducing the rates of preventable and treatable diseases for all Australians.

You will require a pathology request form before you have a pathology test, which you can obtain when you see one of our GPs.  Your pathologist will then carry out the arranged tests on various specimens including blood, body fluid or tissue samples.

If you are a Medicare card holder, certain tests are bulk-billed. Any out-of-pocket costs for tests will be discussed with you before being performed.