Are you ready to feel and look good?

March 9, 2021

Most of us want to feel and move better yet the last thing we want to do is foam roll or stretch – the things we need to do to move and feel better.  Instead we’ll sit in a rounded posture all day and expect our bodies to do these crazy workouts and wonder why we’re getting sore or injured.

It’s because we’re not taking care of our bodies and getting the right muscles working. Nobody likes suffering from pain, I know I don’t! Don’t you hate it?

Aches and pains are the worst! They limit what we can do, how good we can feel and how much we can take on everything we want in everyday life.  If you’re sick of those aches and pains and ready to say goodbye to suffering from a sore neck, lower back pain and if you’re ready to put in effort to spend a little bit of time each week to reverse all these aches and pains and reverse your rounded posture from all day spent texting on the phone, driving in the car, sitting at a desk and if you’re ready to feel and look great and get the most out of your workouts and your life, you need to book an appointment with me at Infinity Health!

Together, we’ll open everything up, help you relax, strengthen the right muscles, and energize you for the week ahead.  It’s always hard getting started with new healthy habits but they are so important if you want to get the lean strong body you want and get the most out of life.

If you’re ready to really feel good, it’s time for us to connect!


Shane J. Dyson, APAM – Physiotherapist received an academic excellence scholarship at the University of Western Sydney. Working with elite sports team – the Sydney Thunder and Rowing Australia as well as in private practice and aged care has exposed him to musculoskeletal conditions throughout the lifespan and challenged him to work effectively in different settings with a variety of ages, cultures and personalities.

Shane prides himself on his ability to unravel complexity using evidence based diagnosis and treatments. Being a fitness enthusiast he draws upon a wealth of experience from competitive rowing, strength training, yoga and Pilates in personalizing each of his client’s rehabilitation, strength, mobility, cardiovascular and weight loss programs.

You can book an appointment with Shane at Infinity Health, just call us today.