Getting to know Dr James Vandeleur

March 9, 2021

By way of introduction, my name is James Vandeleur, general practitioner at Infinity Health Medical Centre, Green Square.

Many people ask me why I decided to choose medicine as a career and, in particular, why general practice and why Infinity Health Green Square.

Having spent the first few years of life in inner Sydney, my family decided to move to a small plot of land on the Central Coast of NSW which was surrounded by farmland but which also had a deep gully covered with native temperate rainforest and a pristine creek running along its base.  When I wasn’t playing rugby league, surfing and at school I spent a lot of time exploring the bush and creek, observing both the terrestrial and aquatic creatures.  Looking back, I would have to say, it was this childhood fascination with the natural world that was the reason I subsequently decided to enrol in the double degree Science/Medicine at the University of NSW. In the Science part of my degree I majored in membrane and electrophysiology.

I decided on general practice as a specialty because it seemed to fit in best with my lifestyle – with its relatively civilised hours – and seemed to me to be the ideal setting for expanding my interest in preventative medicine – more specifically in implementing practical ways for my patients to maximise their health spans.

Preventative medicine basically boils down to adopting and maintaining a healthy diet, adequate exercise, and weight control. Minimising stress and getting optimal sleep are also important factors.  These measures are most effective when started early in life and maintained – the earlier the start, the better.

Green Square, with its relatively young demographic, is the ideal location for a doctor who has an interest in preventative medicine. This is the main reasons I chose to join Infinity Health.  In addition, the state-of-the-art design and fit-out of the medical centre and its beautiful surrounds made my decision even easier.