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March 9, 2021

You can probably recall your recent experience visiting with your GP or physio. What rating would you give? Take a few minutes to think about it.

I can certainly recall many memorable experiences with my GP. Seeking treatment for a sprained ankle as a child, beating the flu season as a first-time mother, or seeking palliative care for my late father… it was the genuine and compassionate care I received that I truly admire and remember. Having lived in the Eastern Suburbs for over 35 years, I wanted to give communities access to the same genuine quality care that I experienced.

It was 3 years ago that my family and I first set sight on this amazing development in Green Square. The vibrancy and diversity of the Green Square community excited us, and we made a heartfelt commitment then and there to deliver a service that was focussed on quality care.

Welcome to Infinity Health Medical Centre – Green Square.

A state-of-the-art centre that provides convenient, accessible and comprehensive services such as general practice, allied health physiotherapy and on-site pathology.

Our dedicated team are passionate about people and building a personal and long-term partnership with our community in achieving optimal health and wellbeing. We also want to equip our community with the knowledge to achieve better health outcomes.

Come and visit us and let us be your trusted health partner.

Shirley, Director